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About C.A.T. Club

No, it's not a club for feline aficionados—it's the "Collectible Art Toys Club", or "C.A.T. Club" for short: a secret club where fine-art lovers can gather and connect with others through collecting "Digital Art Toys".

By diving into the digital world "My Town" operated by the Club, you can collect Digital Art Toys of various shapes and sizes, including humanoids, animals, and plants as well as more exotic pieces, like monsters and even rocks?! Our creators have put their heart and soul into each and every Digital Art Toy, making them true works of art.

Art Toys Specifications

There are 2 types of Art Toys that you can get in C.A.T. Club.

Avatar Type

Using this Art Toy, you can log in as your avatar, walk around, explore the town, and interact with other collectors. You can choose and switch between Art Toys that suit your mood, just as you would choose the clothes you wear or the car you own from your collection.

Buddy Type

The Buddy you choose can walk together with your avatar, creating a relationship/narrative between the Buddy and the avatar. Buddies also have the power to improve Total Energy used by the avatar to perform actions.

Both types can be arranged in your Collection Room or displayed on the field.

How to Collect Art Toys

There are several different ways to add Art Toys to your collection.

Purchase with Cat Cash

Purchase Toys using Cat Cash, the in-app currency.

Search Around My Town

Some Art Toys can be found wandering around the digital world of My Town and collected for free!

Participate in Special Events

Some particularly rare Art Toys are available through special events for a limited time and in limited quantities. Many of these Toys can be collected for free, so keep a sharp eye out!

Let's decorate and enjoy!

Display your Art Toys just how you like in your personalized Collection Room.

Our Thoughts

In our distant past as hunters, humans survived by gathering and organizing things like food and tools. This early experience remains embedded in our DNA to this day, still influencing our lives, such that we manage to find inexpressable joy in collecting things. Despite this bone-deep instinct, though, many people are unable to build the truly fantastic collections they might wish to due to limited space and money.Our goal is to banish those physical constraints by welcoming collectors into a digital world, where they can build a collection as grand as they can imagine.Now's the time to live your collector's life to its fullest within C.A.T. Club, where you can unleash your inner collector's instinct!

C.A.T. Club - Collectible Art Toys Club

Let your inner Collector's instinct run wild!

Let's create a collection-filled world that satisfies everyone together!

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