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About C.A.T. Club

A cat lover's club? You might think so, but no, it's not.It's the "Collectible Art Toys Club", or "C.A.T. Club" for short.

It's a secret club where people can collect "Digital Art Toys" and enjoy connecting with other collectors. The C.A.T. Club has a long, long history; some say it dates back hundreds or even thousands of years… I guess? It's pretty mysterious! What is certain, however, is that all the members enjoy to collect knick-knacks and love beautiful artwork.

Once you join the club, you will have access to the club's digital world, "My Town". You will be able to collect Digital Art Toys of various shapes, such as humans, animals, plants, monsters, and even rocks?! The creators have put their heart and soul into each Digital Art Toy, which makes them true works of art.

Art Toys Specifications

There are 2 types of Art Toys that you can get in C.A.T. Club

Avatar Type

Using this Art Toy, you can log in as your avatar, walk around, explore the town, and interact with other collectors. You can choose and switch between Art Toys that suit your mood, just as you would choose the clothes you wear or the car you own from your collection.

Buddy Type

The Buddy you choose can walk together with your avatar, creating a relationship/narrative between the Buddy and the avatar. Buddies also have the power to improve Total Energy used by the avatar to perform actions.

Both types can be arranged in your Collection Room or displayed on the field.

How to Collect Art Toys

Avatar Type

You can buy them in the Flagship Store or the Mystery Pack Shop using the in-app currency, Cat Cash.
Cat Cash can be obtained either by direct purchase or by mining parody crypto-currency found in My Town.
Parody crypto-currency changes in value daily, so you might suddenly become rich! Keep an eye on prices!

Buddy Type

Buddies can be found in My Town and obtained for free with consumable items known as Buddy Essence.
Feeling adventurous? Go even further into undiscovered Exploration Fields and find Buddies that are very hard to find in My Town.
Buddies only obtainable via surprise events might also make an appearance. Never miss out by joining our Discord community and staying up-to-date on all the latest information!

Let's decorate and enjoy!

Both types can be arranged in your Collection Room or displayed on the field.

Our Thoughts

In the past when people lived by hunting, they survived by gathering and organizing things like food and tools. This early experience is embedded in our DNA and still influences us today, making us find joy in collecting things. Nowadays, many people can't enjoy collecting their favorite toys as much due to limited space and money. We want to break those limits using Digital Art Toys. Experience the fulfillment of collecting in the world of C.A.T. Club. Unleash Your Inner Collector!

Embracing Diverse Artistry

Our team is comprised of artists from a variety of different backgrounds, ages, nationalities, and genders. We share a dedication to expressing our artistic voices and collaborate to design unique concepts.

Authentic Inspiration

In the digital realm, we find authenticity through hands-on experiences. We sculpt models with clay and visit material shops to immerse ourselves in textures. We observe how real materials move and react in real life.

Nurturing Conversations

We place importance on the dialogue within our team but also on the discussions we have with our C.A.T. Club Collectors. These conversations fuel us. Together, we are building our service, united by a desire to create something remarkable.


Here is the post-release roadmap.


Enhancing the Joy of Collecting

Introducing new features and functionalities to enhance the collecting experience.

  • Regular Buddy Index
  • Enhancing the Collection Room feature.


Creating Connections Between Collectors

The expansion of communication features to help create a more interactive service.

  • Expanding communication features within the app.
  • Opening Collection Rooms to the public.
  • Introduction of Chinese and Japanese language support to reach collectors worldwide.


The Unstoppable Evolution of Art Toys

Continuous updating of the systems that increase the value of the Art Toys.

  • Addition of wishlists and trading systems.
  • Art Toys with new functionality.

Note: These schedules are subject to change depending on the service's operational status. Any changes will be announced in advance to the community via social media channels or Discord.

Create With Us!

Are you an artist and want to see your creation come to life in a 3D world?
We want to hear from you! Contact us to find out more!

C.A.T. Club - Collectible Art Toys Club

Collect! Be fulfilled!

Let's create a collection-filled world that satisfies everyone together!

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